for 50 years from now? What kind of changes will take place in the world, in america. I'm curious to know what you think the world will look like. I tend to think that there will be a larger division between the haves and have nots, maybe more gated communities, etc. Also, i think solar energy will take off. The technology will be through the roof, so living longer would be possible because of the ability to grow organs, artificial parts, nano computers, and who knows. Oh yeah, what would be the state of religion in the world?

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Little green men with ray guns will take over the planet and humans will all be their slaves or maybe their food, I'm not sure which,



Honestly, I don't have a clue.  I'll probably be dead by then anyway. 

In many ways I think the future of 50 years from now will be pretty much similar to a book I read back in the 70’s called The Sheep Look Up. In fact I’m pretty much expecting most of what the book describes will come to pass within the next few years.


I guess in 50 years from now the United States will be overrun by the Chinese, mostly because our country will have been made so stupidfied by religious beliefs that our country’s average I.Q. will be just above that of Navel Jelly. Oh! I’m sure they’ll be some holdouts, militant groups in the hills or a few of us atheists in the mountains and what have you, but I kind of get the feeling that America (as a whole) is rapidly approaching a hurdle that our fast food fattened legs aren’t quite ready to jump over. Because collectively the human race is definitely starting to push the frontiers of its Darwinian Envelope; and as such we are either going to be responsive to it and change, or we parish.



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