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Who is persecuting those 10s of thousands of little children?


Who converted these christians to christianity, taught them, and trained them?  

Christians.  Mainly American christian missionaries.  Big influence from American pentacostalists / evangelicals.

Who now, in 21st century continues to fund the missionary efforts that enable the persecution of little children?

Christians.  Mainly American evangelicals and catholics.

Makes me sick.  I would just want to make a call and adopt a couple of those little kids, if only it was that easy.

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Makes me sick too!

Hmm, lets' see. Calling for the open murder and slaughter of gays in Uganda (evangelicals funded by the likes of Michelle Bachman and her husband who acts like Sylvester the Cat), the Catholic Church spreading the lie of regarding condom usage and AIDS and causing the suffering and death of millions, evangelicals murdering children for being witches.

Damn! Must be hell being a Christian, and having to suffer the verbal abuse by atheists who want to stop them from taking over the government. Every time I hear the bullshit lie (#45 out 1,984) from any of the Abrahamic religions (fundamentalist Jews, Christians and Muslims), I want to vomit. On the other hand, playing the "persecution" card is a constant reminder to me of the abject, premeditated, immoral, insidious, dishonesty of these cults. 




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