When christians agree to lie about an incident giving god the credit

When a whole group of people agree to lie and blame, when they are making it up, what kind of mental illness is that. I think it is brainwashing  because there is a punishment for not agreeing. like burning in hell. Seems like hypnosis when they speak for god continuosly. I think they are crazy. And I so don't want to vote for them.

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Nothing crazy about love and being kind. Crazy about speaking for the invisable, and no one tells them they are making it up.


understand what you're saying and agree.........

When a situation (real or mythical) benefits their point of view, religious give credit to their god. When a situation makes their point of view socially unacceptable, religious blame their god's nemesis. I think it's called narcissism.

SPAG (self projection as god) is another take on making outrageous claims such as "you're going to hell if you don't agree with me because god told me this is true"

I heard a great line from "The Reality Check" podcast this week. When signing off, one said, "Doubt out loud".  I think we should call people out on their crazy batshittery... especially those people who feel they are qualified to govern us.

Good point. When someone make such unreasonable assertions, and they are left unchecked, you are essentially reaffirming them.

The timing of the Reason Rally in March could not be more important given the stakes in November.

fk lying anymore


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