When form filling, how do atheists answer the question "what is your religion?" ?


When atheists are form filling, how do they answer the question "what is your religion?"? For most of my life I have written “No religion” or “Atheist”. But when I was a 17-year old schoolboy in the 1950s applying to get into St Peter’s College at Oxford University I encountered this question and I answered carefully by writing “C of E”. All the undergraduate colleges were nominally Christian with heads called Masters.

My response proved to be a useful device because everyone in England knows that C of E stands for the established Church of England---yet it was not what it meant to me.

For me it stood for Critic of the Establishment.

Phew. I can only add that by good fortune at the interviews I was never asked questions about religion. I had been so sheltered from religious practice that, as I recall, I was 15 before I saw the inside of a church, and only then because out of curiosity one day I went inside one just to see what the interior looked like. 

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Here's an attitude which I suspect is shared by many of us with respect to hospital shamans prowling the halls.  From time markers 7:25 to 9:30


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