When I am asked what my race is on questionaires, I don't answer it.

When we had our most recent census it asked me my race.  I have decided a while ago there is no good reason to ask this question.  We are all people despite what color or heritage we have.  I think people need to get smart and refuse to answer this question on future documents.  The only reason you may need to be asked this question is for reasons of health or relationship preferences and that is personal.  The public does not need to know so the public should not ask.  I guess the best possible reason people may give this question validity is to see what minority group may be given accomodations for some event.  I don't think that is a good reason though.  I say, don't answere it.  What is your thoughts?

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My thoughts? Define race.
Race, as it is meant on the census. They want to know how you define yourself such as white, black, hispanic, asian, etc.
Race, as it is meant on the census, and in any other use is a vulgar generalization. Is it defined by skin color, culture, country of birth, ancestry, primary language, or something else? Is it a product of some combination of these? Anthropologists say that there is no biological basis for race and that is a purely social construct, much like class hierarchy in ancient cultures. Why submit to placing yourself in an arbitrary class I ask?
I answered it on the census and mailed it in. For some reason, the census people lost my form and I had an down on his luck artist turned census worker show up at my door and I answered it again. Of course, I did think about saying - other purple. But he could clearly see I was not purple.

When I was signing up for Hulu the other day, I refused to answer. I can see why the government might need this information, but not Hulu.
I was also called on the phone a second time after I sent the original in the mail. The person on the phone asked my race and I told him " I do not answer that question ". There was nothing he could do. The person at your door would also not be able to write down your race if you told him " I do not answer that question " because he cannot answer for you.
Face it, people tend to live among their own race, due to various factors including difficulty intermingling and different SES. So they like to see where the clusters are for various reasons, including financial aid to help those minorities in low-SES areas, and of course..for political reasons.

I answer as Hispanic. I want any benefits I can get from my minority status, even if I am a guera.
Why should you be a minority in the governments eyes? Shouldn't you be seen by the government as equally as everyone else? If the government protected its own equally don't you think you wouldn't need benefits any more than anyone else?
I say answer. Not only that but you should lie about it as well. Not only is race a stupid distinction but the people who would want to know don't deserve the correct answer. If you screw with their data sets they will stop collecting them.
Park, I agree gathering information for the benifit of the common wellfare is good. These censuses do not do that. They are gathered to give politicians a map to redistrict and target votes. Poverty is not racial. When states ask for money from the taxpayers to pay for school and roads, health care and social security race should not be a factor. If the road is broke, fix it, if the people are hungry feed them.




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