When I die I want to be cremented so my enemies can kiss my ash. I am not trying to make an ash of myself now, but I am just ashing if you think its a good idea when I die should I get cremented to make a complete ash of myself in front of mourners?

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Don't ash me, I'm just a girl! :) *giggles* LOL

I wanna be put into a biodegradable coffin with no embalment or anything and burried in the forest. I would rather not have a coffin but apparently its the law so that's the next best thing. Mostly though I just want my death to the most natural thing possible, If animals don't get coffins and graves, neither should we. But I want my body to be food for trees and bugs and possibly animals! Stupid religion created this idea that people dying had to be this huge ceremonial occasion, which is bogus cause we're all going to die and eventually we're gonna have alot of f*****g graveyards....I guess we just all have to wish the world ends before that becomes an issue LOL.
I've made provisions in my will for my remains to be cremated and buried in the woods behind my house. I'm not worried about my Catholic family members thwarting my plans, because my atheist nephew is the executor of my will.
I've Invested Millions of Dollars into the Occult and Science in order to resurrect my body and be heiled as the Second Coming...




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