When I tried to save the world, no one wanted to be saved

So I'm very new to the whole Atheist community, though I myself have been openly non-theistic for a number of years.  Where I live -- central Kentucky -- there isn't exactly a large number of fellow non-believers, and even at my college (the largest in the state) the unbelievers are greatly underrepresented, especially when compared to the the myriad of religious organizations.  Even when the most severe of campus crusading loons come from their holes, donning bigoted buttons & condemning signage while spewing their putridities, most of the students argue not that the literalist is wrong or believes ridiculous things, but instead that evangelist is misrepresenting the Christian religion. Even in a liberal college town, non-belief is still a taboo, and still causes shock when people find out I don't believe in their god.  I have, however been fortunate enough to find a group of friends who share (to varying degrees...apathists, agnostics, & atheists) in my disbelief.  With a couple of those friends I was fortunate enough to find a few fellow musicians.  Anyway it should be interesting to finally be a part of a larger community of non-believers. 


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I can't feel your pain. There was barely any reaction (edit: no reaction) when I casually responded that I was an atheist at my community college. :P
Heck, the majority of them seem to be apathetic to the subject of religion.
Anyways, welcome to Atheist Nexus! Maybe you'd be interested in the Atheist Musicians group?
Awesome! I haven't really done much on investigating here yet, but yes, the atheist musicians group is just what I'm looking for!
Welcome aboard here Ryan. Say, I'm thinking an atheist musical group wouldn't be the kind that's raise holy hell, would they?!


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