When is a Victory Class Destroyer not the orginal Victory Class Destroyer?

Say you have a space ships from the Star Wars universe the Victory Class Destroyers: the Invincible and the Dominator, and for the sake of the argument the ships systems are all integrated e.g. weapons, flight, sensors etc all controlled by a A.I..

Now in a battle the ships come out on the losing side with both ships heavily damaged. The surviving crews can salvage systems from the Dominator and transfer them to the Invincible which is in better shape but has lost its A.I. and manual control systems.

They transfer the power systems some weapons the guidance and most importantly the A.I. from the Dominator and integrate them into the Invincible.

My first intuition is that there is no change in identity for the Invincible, all parts from the Dominator assume the subsystem identities of the Invincible.

So the crew warp back to base in the patched up Invincible and the Dominator is left as a space hulk.

Any problems with this account?

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