The political life slides so far toward Republican dogma, anti-semitism, racism, sexism, anti-feminism, ageism, and about every other ism that exists that I feel as though I sit on the tip of a sharp knife with no way off. Corporations legally hold the right of dominance over people/individuals. I don't remember seeing corporations having any rights in the founding documents. 

We desperately need a balanced court if we are to have a nation based on laws, not corporations. 

"We the people" want a fair Supreme Court. I nominate Sheldon Whitehouse.

I reject Brett Kavanaugh.

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Drained the swamp to remove the miasma and brackish waters so that those swamp beasts would emerge and take their rightful place at the helm. 

Joan, when the Founders wrote the Constitution, they didn’t know a court clerk in California would a century later wrongly use the word “person” to refer to a corporation.

They also didn’t know a President would about 190 years later appoint to SCOTUS a man who would persuade a majority that “paper persons” have the rights of natural persons.

The are people who want to reserve the rights of natural persons to only natural persons. A computer search found them for me but I didn’t join in their efforts. Would you join with them?

As the Grey Panthers once said, “Don’t agonize: organize.”




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