One of my close friends who's always been pretty solid in his thinking, and is an atheist saw one of those crappy shows on the history channel about how aliens genetically engineered humans to mine ore for them. We were talking about something completely unrelated and he changes the subject to this topic and babbles on about it while the rest of us just kinda looked at him. I was such in shock by the whole thing I couldn't think straight to debunk it. After all he shouldn't be the one to go off on nuttery. The concept might be interesting, but come on aliens that have high technology and FTL probably have better ways to mine ore than genetically engineering ape people and giving them pickaxes. I would think a more plausible scenario would have the aliens show up realize theres tons of people running round interfering with the mining op thats probably done by robots or whatever. I'm pretty sure geologists would have found evidence of a world wide ancient mining operation by now. Next time I see him I need to set him down and set him straight.

On a side note the history channel needs to stop having shows about aliens, ghosts, and other woo, and go back to fact land where they belong. Unless of course somebody actually has proof of something, but then I doubt we'd here about it on a show like ghost hunters. I think that would be something the media would obsess about for a few weeks. Though I'd love to see Fox news response if we had discovered ghosts. After all that would invalidate half of Christianity. 

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wow i feel bad for having educational material with quality in my country
You are fortunate. If I hadn't had my deep curiosity I would probably be no better off than Sarah Palin. *shudders*
Dear mother of mercy!
I know sounds a bit extreme, but I have found out that my best friend is a Young Earth Creationist conserve-a-nut. Looking back the major difference between me and her was I'm curious. I'm willing to get my hands dirty looking for the facts and love every minute of it. The more of a challenge the better. She just wanted to memorize facts that were given to her and move on with her life. If I had that mentality in this country (USA) I'm sure I would love and identify with Sarah Palin. A terrifying thought but a possibility given the past 30 years or so.
Ghost hunters, Nostradamus, 7 Deadly Sins, Battles of the Bible, Ancient Aliens, UFO Hunters, Bermuda nausea.
When did we run out of history? Are there no historical figures (besides Hitler) worth a one hour show? In fairness they do have some good historical shows but the woo crap seems to dominate the airtime. It seems as though there is more than enough of woo programing that they could consolidate it on its own channel. They would need a catchy name .....
Fox Woo's is already taken.. maybe Woo PN (upn) or Woo tv (trutv) would be acceptable? lol
indeed, i remember a time when i could out-inform my science teacher on the gravitational fields of the planet from the 30 minutes i spent watching the discovery channel as a small child, i got told to shut up and let the teacher speak hehe.
now it's all gone to shite.

(and i actually don't know who Snooki is, or The Jersey Shore for that matter)
Amen. Well said Mark!

Yeah, Pawn stars is cool though lol.
I have no idea who Snooki is (and prefer not to). I also find Pawn Stars to be amusing and it does illustrate some history, but Ice Road Truckers, Swamp Loggers, Axe Men and their ilk fail in so many ways. The only thing I can deduce is it's a way to increase market share by picking up the beer swilling, nose picking, couch lumps with programs void of any content, meaning or social relevancy. No brain work required.
The Learning Channel (TLC) ventured to the bottom of the grease trap with Sarah Palin's Alaska....WTF
The only thing I can deduce is it's a way to increase market share by picking up the beer swilling, nose picking, couch lumps with programs void of any content, meaning or social relevancy. No brain work required


Shudder, just the sound of Sarah Palin's voice makes me want to shove myself into a operational woodchipper (he he).

Chumley from Pawn Stars is funny. Cracks me up actually. He should look into stand-up.

Yeah, and speaking of programming gone awry. Remember when Modern Marvels was really cool and interesting. Now what do they show on Modern Mavels (asphault) (rubber) (grocery carts) (golf balls) (peanuts for God's sake).... SNORE. I remember when that show used to be awsome.
Modern Marvels isn't bad at all and its one of the few shows I like on the channel. Granted they have some bad shows now and again. But for the most part I like hearing about the history of various items and how its made.

Pawnstars isn't history but its really neat watching what people bring in. I'll tell you this its vastly better than "Axe men" those loggers are probably an insult to real loggers out there. I mean they had a episode on some guy quitting again (apparently he does this often) and their boss doesn't know how to manage at all.

I hate normal reality tv, like big brother and surviver. But reality shows like Deadliest catch and Ice road truckers are nice because its what reality tv should be. Real people doing real things. Unlike the artificial nature of say surviver with its "challenges" and "game show" elements.

The channel just needs some real history to backup the stuff thats gonna be history in a hundred years.
Yeah, until there's a 'channel' with a secular CEO that... well, you see where I'm going. BS sells, factual channels are called websites. ? hrrrmm... word is Europe is all youtube. Non-tele'evangelical.

PS, palin is just a throwback to televangelism of the 80's with a capitalist twist?


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