I don't know about you guys, but whenever I am engaged in debate with a fundie Christian who can't understand how it's possible that anyone can reject the concept of God, I always ask them how it is they can reject all the other gods that man's mind has created over the millenniums.

Invariably they say "But MY God is the TRUE God." Of course, thats the same reasoning (if you can call it that) that Hindus use for their gods, as wiccans use for their gods and goddesses, as Satanists use, as animists use, etc. etc.

I tell them there are a lot of gods who are much more attractive than their God, and should I ever decide to empty my brain of all reason and reality I'd likely pick Bacchus/Dionysus to worship. I don't drink, but hey... he was at least a fun guy. He never wiped out entire tribes/committed genocide, or suborned raped, or demanded gays, unruly children, and adulterers be stoned to death -- all the hideous things in the Bible with which their Abrahamic God is credited. Naturally, the discussion is a stalemate. But one can expect nothing more.

So here's my question: Of all the ancient gods, which one would YOU admire most and worship if you lost your mind?


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Probably Aphrodite. Just look at what sexual suppression has done to Catholicism! Besides, I love a good roll in the hay. Though, I wouldn't cheat on my husband like she did. But, then again, my husband's hot.
Damn...good choice!!

Now you got me rethinking my god selection. I'm thinking maybe Isis.
That cult had temple prostitutes.

Could we combine the two for a church of Dionysus and Aphrodite? The First Church of Dionyphrodite! That really rolls off the tongue, no?
Hallelujah, Sister Jennifer!!!
I love it!
Interesting take.

But Prometheus and his sacrificing himself for man is, for me, a tad too close to the jesus imagry, the sacrifical lamb, who takes the sins of man upon himself...to give man a "free pass."

Besides, the whole death and suffering imagry, from my view point, smacks of the Christian death cult. I wouldn't want to worship a god who is associated with neverending agony and hideous torture. I mean... isn't that what Christians promise non-believers and everyone who isnt Xtian?

Just a thought.
I like Santa :)
Why not ask all religious folks: "look, guys, first discuss it between yourselves, agree which is the true god, and then come to us"? "And please, until then, don't bother us anymore".
Now if I were to choose, Aphrodite would be fine!
COEUS: God of Intelligence and Deep Searching Questions.

Knowledge is good.
Any god or goddess that represents knowledge, wisdom, learning, curiousity, and the spirit of inquiry would be fine with me.

Or sex.....sex is good....
Loki was a pretty rockin' dude, seems like someone I could potentially roll with.
I don't think me and Baccus could hang out though, I don't really like the whole ripping apart and eating live baby goats scene.
When I was in high school I took this argument to the fullest and dedicated myself to the goddess Bastet, that got a few odd stares when people asked me what religion I practiced.
I would pick Loki as well, but Loki wasn't technically a god and never had worshipers(except these days lol). I do so adore him, though! If there is a mythical god-ish being I respect 'tis him!




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