When using iPhone, all discussions say "no longer available"

Even if the last comment was seconds previous. Is anyone else having similar issues?

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Yes. I am.  Just got an iPhone 4S, and when I use Safari to connect to A|N, it will list many of the discussions as "No Longer Available."  Even though this is not true.  In fact, I was looking at one posting on here a moment ago, and when I switched to the iPhone version, under the "Main" section of the toolbar, the same discussion was "No Longer Available."  What gives?

Hmmm, ominous. I hope this isn't the beginning of something terrible, like some conspiracy against atheist websites by mega-corporations. Which gets me thinking, we had to have a major battle in the US in the 70's, leading right up to today even, for gay rights. We atheists haven't had to do anything similar, not yet leastways. And as a group we are hated even more than the gays (is that PC?) or anyone else. Perhaps our battle is on the rise?


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