"When You Don't Control Your Own Head, You Don't Contol Anything" -- Journalist Masih Alinejad in Huff Post.

Alinejad, an Iranian woman who is working for the right of women in Iran to not wear the hijab, said it well for people who have yet to escape religion.

She said it well for me, who escaped Catholicism's efforts to control my head.

We have to hope that Alinejad and women in Middle Eastern nations succeed, in the same way we have to hope that women escape xianity.

When women are free, men too will be free.

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Here's a link to the article ... and here's a pic of Ms. Alinejad, who was featured in it:

Funny thing: I can admire her, both her beauty and her bravery, and feel not the least inclined to try to compromise her or the freedoms she and her compatriots so clearly deserve.  Is there something wrong with me ... or those who would effectively throw a blanket over her head and tell her to shut up?

...those who would effectively throw a blanket over her head and tell her to shut up?

They won't do that, Loren. They will kill her if they can.

The operant phrase being, "IF they can." I don't think New York's finest would take too kindly to Iranian assassins going after her in Brooklyn.

And I still find it amazing that I know more female ex-Muslims then I know male ex-Muslims. Curiouser and curiouser, quoth Alice.

Loren, according to Google, the NY Times reported 328 murders in 2014.

I doubt that New York's finest took kindly to any of them.

Which is why Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Taslima Nasrin, and Maryam Namazie have security 24/7 ... and, while the article doesn't mention it, I suspect Masih does as well.  She doesn't strike me as the foolish type.




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