Why do they have to smoke? 

Why do they break the law and smoke pot?

I'm afraid I'll have to have a religious girlfriend.

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I smoked for over 30 years, but no more. Some say there's still time enough for me to "go back" after being quit now 14 years. Why would I want to? You can smoke, but not in my house, and leave me out of it, OK.

Oh, you smoke pot. I don't have to. All I have to do is be around you as you smoke it, and breath. That gets me high as a kite every time.

The worst thing in the world is a religious girlfriend. If she knew anything about god and jebus it would be "because the bible told her so." Christians think that is the ultimate answer!

I read recently that Kirk Cameron was an atheist as a teenager and he later became a christian. Let's back up a minute. Most likely Kirk didn't want to be bothered with religion as a teenager, so he told everyone he was atheist. People do this, you know. I'm an atheist because I know too much about my bible. There is no way back to "faith" for anyone that can see the faults in scripture. Therefore, god is imaginary.

I've even stumbled onto Internet sites telling christians how to win back atheists. In a list of 5 things to discuss with us the first one was to show us how genuine the bible really is! The next step is to tell us how god really does love us. I thought "Jesus Christ, these bastards really are messed up, aren't they!" I guess this is why they think we got angry and just stopped believing. Do a little study here and wake up!

I love looking things up in the Skeptics Bible. It all makes perfect sense to me. Now you have other sites claiming the Skeptics Bible got it all wrong. Reading this stuff is laughable. It's christian apologetics at its best. That is what is really laughable.

"What? You don't believe in god. Here, look at me. Now look at this dog"

Dennis, I so much agree with your post.  Especially that "The worst thing in the world is a religious girlfriend."


the poster doesnt mean "genuine" as in "true" or "pure," but, rather, as in like a classic "good person." he's not misunderstanding the meaning of "atheism." he's misunderstanding the meaning of "good."what's up with all these losers bashing weed. it's not overly harmful and it can have very positive benefits. sure, it's probably negative overall for health, but sacrificing happiness for health is just as bad as - if not WORSE than - sacrificing health for happiness.

if you're so worried about dying, WHY ABSTAIN FROM LIVING?

I don't smoke, I drink only on special occasions, I am an atheist and I'm female.  We exist.  That said, do you object to smoking because you find it a turn off, if so fair enough, or because you object to it being illegal?  If the later would it stop bothering you if pot was legal or would you still rather your partner not smoke?  Don't kid yourself, lots of religious girls smoke too, that isn't a guarantee of anything.

Best wishes! :D

Where I live, pot is legal.

Wouldn't a religious girlfriend be an un-genuine Atheist?


Very good video to watch. Essentially this is the No True Scotsman fallacy.

"All real atheists don't smoke" -- Nothing in the definition of atheist has anything to do with smoking. 

I don't smoke, but it is a personal choice that I made. It has nothing to do with atheism. Lots of those lying christians smoke and tell you that Jebus took away their habit.

Non smoking/drugging atheist here, not even fond of drinking much.

Shame that we have that image, though: Oh they're not religious, therefore they must be hedonists!

I am sorry. But I really don't understand at all what you are going on about, except your bemoaning your dificulties finding a suitable female atheist mate. 

Yeah, I imagine that is rough. I remember long ago finding it difficult to find a suitable female partner , And at t time I was not even restricting my search to nontheists women's. Eliminating 90% of potential prospects would make things way more difficult I imagine. 

Otherwise you seem to be wondering why some people seem to enjoy doing enjoyable activities. Its because they enjoy doing so. Why wouldn't we. Its like asking why people have sex or eat ice cream.

Well, I don't smoke or break the law. Trust me, you don't need a religious girlfriend. She'll try to "reform" you back to church.

Your post seems to suggest that all female atheists smoke and break law by smoking pot.


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