Why do they have to smoke? 

Why do they break the law and smoke pot?

I'm afraid I'll have to have a religious girlfriend.

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Where are all the genuine atheists?

I'm not sure where ALL of them are, but there are probably a couple of them being raped by a priest in your local church right now.

Why do they have to smoke? 

They don't all smoke.

Why do they break the law and smoke pot?

They don't. There are far more theistic pot smokers than atheist, that is just plain statistics.

I'm afraid I'll have to have a religious girlfriend.

Beggars can't be choosers, bub.

I have noticed this around a bit - new atheists making other atheists leap over some bar of what they deem acceptable.  I do not think posing the question this way necessarily means this person is a theist. Doesn't accusing him of that, make us guilty of the same bar jumping test he is putting his potential mates through? (how can he be irrational and a bit of a dick?? must be a theist)

A few years ago I was in ethically non-monogamous relationship.  When I declared myself as such, quite a few men decided that it meant that I was not allowed to reject them.  What do you mean you don't want to go for coffee?  You are available!!! (yeah, but not for YOU).

This person might have had the same view.  Atheist females - why not all ready, willing and able, why not complying with my particular random rules?? screw this place he thinks and leaves.

I was in ethically non-monogamous relationship .... quite a few men decided that it meant that I was not allowed to reject them.

Ugh!!!! Talk about them seeing women as "property"!

And shades of Silverberg's The Worlds Inside; in that SF dystopia, nobody, regardless of gender, was allowed to reject a sexual advance. (That law was intended to reduce stress among the overcrowded population.) A citizen of that world was everyone's slave.

Strange. I consider myself a genuine non-believer, but in my home state of Colorado, smoking "pot" is legal. My choice to smoke is not illegal, so am I exempt for this stereotype? in my opinion, it seems that many females that are smart enough to realize there is no god might also be smart enough to realize that marijuana is merely a plant with medicinal properties that should not be criminalized because it is not harmful.

I can't tell you that weed isn't harmful, but can say that I smoked it years ago, and even today all I have to do is breath it to get high. Bacon and eggs might be harmful, but it depends on who's bandwagon public opinion is on today. Does weed have medicinal properties? Certainly. The plant has been around almost forever and someone wants to tell you that you can't grow it or smoke it. That is rediculous!

I'm a strong/positive atheist, I oppose all belief in spirituality or the supernatural, and I don't smoke anything, drink, or do other drugs.

I've been an atheist for about twenty years now and I only started using marijuana this year (legally) because it helps my chronic health conditions more than other medications. I've never touched any illicit substance. I rarely drink (not good for diabetics) and I don't smoke, so I have no idea what the OP was trying to say, especially because I'm a woman.

Also, by breaking the law, do you mean everything from pirating a movie to serial murder? A lot of Christians would see those things as being equal. They're not equal.

Laws aren't always based on morality. In some countries it's against the law to be an atheist...and did I just waste precious minutes of my life responding to a troll?


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