Why do they have to smoke? 

Why do they break the law and smoke pot?

I'm afraid I'll have to have a religious girlfriend.

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The word atheism is derived from the Greek "a" (without) and "theism" (God belief). Thus, an atheist is one who is without any god beliefs. That is the only thing that unites atheists, the lack of belief in any gods. Atheists may otherwise differ in all other respects. Also, there are undoubtedly many closet atheists, who for fear of being ostracized by friends and family, keep their atheism to themselves.

Sean I can relate.  I wonder about the people who claim to be "conscious" or freethinking, then all they do is go out drinking and doing other destructive things.

i fail to see the connection.  and smoking pot is not illegal everywhere.  it will likely be legal nationwide soon enough.  i can't imagine wanting to have a religious gf over that issue anyway.  just find and atheist girl who doesn't smoke pot.  problem solved.

You sound like a theist.

who does?

I was going to give Sean a chance to flesh out his thoughts. They made no sense to me and I gave even money to him being a troll. I'm not finding him in the members list but I may not know how to operate the controls.

I've not been able to locate him either.

Probably because Sean Curry is a gone goose, guys...

Don't forget eating babies!

Evidently you have a bunch of stoners who call themselves atheists.

Atheist Nexus is chock full of real atheists who may have tried weed and smoking, but most got over it.

There are likely many health conscious, non-smoking atheists in your area on Nexus.

I'm certain you will find many.

Since the whole world appears to be moving away from religion as part of our cultural evolution, many new atheists will be coming online in the near future.

It's an exciting time for atheism, not so exciting for theism.  LOL

Education is changing the world.

"Atheist Nexus is chock full of real atheists who may have tried weed and smoking, but most got over it."

how could you possibly know that?  




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