I have had no luck in Parkersburg/Marietta (that group apparently dos not meet), there is nothing in Athens (a university town catering to kids ), and Columbus, where it is all happening is to hours away/ I don't get it. Where are those who question religious orthodoxies?

Alden at waitt@ohio.edu

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I don't have that answer but you could Google it. I'm in Missouri but stream and watch many atheist programs including The Atheist Experience which is in Austin, Texas. Contact them for information. They may have something. Also, you might try our main man, Richard Haynes, who is up on most of this stuff.

Meigs Co. - that brings back memories! OU alumni here. Not many of people know that Meigs Co. grows some of the best weed in the country, or used to anyhow.

Go to my pages on your profile and it opens up where you can see "report a problem" down at the bottom. You might start by saying it's not a website problem but you just need Richard's advice. It may take some time but I'm sure he will answer you.

Alden, I just did a Google search and found 10 members here on A/N listed as Southwestern Ohio Atheists. I didn't know we had any. You might join that group. 10 isn't much but it's a start.


It's a bit of a drive, BUT you will have no trouble finding several vibrant atheist/ humanist/ freethinker type groups in Pittsburgh. I just started attending stuff this year, and it's been a big part of making this a great year for me. Seriously.

There's an Atheist/ Humanist Convention in Pittsburgh I'll be attending. It's August 29th - 31st. I'll be there and I hope to meet you.




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