Well, I'm back, sorry for being away for so long, but anyway, i just wanted to know where everybody was from. We have some new members, so it would nice to know. to start this off, i am from Cape town, in sunny South Africa. So, tell us!

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Cape Town, South Africa. By way of India, Ethiopia and Kenya. And very excited to see that, out of our population of 44 million, there are a total of 78 South Africans on Atheist Nexus. :)

I can top that I'm from Kenya specifically the capital city Nairobi  I did a search and I can proudly say that out of about 41 million pple 15 of us are atheist, kinda makes you wanna come out on public TV doesn't it??

Hi Folks!
About time for an intro. I'm an expatriate Canadian living in Barbados for the past 6+ years. Prior to that, I spent time in Guyana, and about 12 years on long and short-terms stints in most Anglophone East/West/South African countries. I’m happily married for 14+ years to a Nigerian (no this is not an email scam). Over the past year I have come more and more out of the closet sort of speak, to the point where I felt obligated to poke serious fun at religion in general. I have created a (I hope) humourous blog you might have a look at. Feel free to give me any comments or suggestions, and also I’m always looking for new religious lunacy (I know Africa has lots) so if you know of any send it my way.
Surviving in Kensington nr Eastgate, Johannesburg, longing for Cape Town :)

Hi I'm from Meyerton Gauteng. Coming out of the closet gradually, but not without consequences. I have met very few Atheists face to face so it's refreshing to experience Athiestnexus.

I'm a West African-born atheist. I currently live in Atlanta, GA USA. I have met 3 other freethinkers who are also from the continent. We are received well by the few Black american atheists as well. We truly feel at home. Religions are the current curse on our people worldwide. It is the last strong vestige of foreign invasion and colonization and must be eliminated.

Hi, I am from Lagos, Nigeria.

The most populous black nation on the globe. One out of every black man is a Nigerian, they say.

Nigeria is also considered to be the most religious country on earth and yet most corrupt. What a contradiction!

Cape Town, SA.

I have to say, it drives me mad how South African life revolves around religion but when I think of atheists living in other African countries it puts things in perspective.

I remember visiting Ghana and seeing the endless churches, the preaching going on everywhere all the time. It must be really tough being an atheist in a country where practically no one is. At least in South Africa there are enough that pretty much all my friends are atheists except for one or two who don't mind.

Although I'm from Ghana, I currently live in the US.


I agree, Ghana is quite challenging as far as the bombardment of reilgious indoctrination but I am still hopeful as the younger generation travels abroad there will be a slow, steady erosion of the the colonizers religion. The same for Islamic influences as well.


What is ironic is the numbers of Black Atheist I communicate with from various African countries living in the US as well. 

Johhanesburg SA....
Just saying hi! I'm not African, but had a couple exciting years living in Cape Verde and have also been to Senegal and Mali. I would love to get back that way again!
colony of Washington D.C. USA




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