Where can atheists donate to Haitian earthquake relief?

Atheists and secular humanists in large numbers are reaching into their pockets to help the victims of the earthquake that struck Haiti on January 12th. Many of their donations are going to religious charities either because they already have boots on the ground where the help is needed or simply because they don't have knowledge of any secular charities. Such organizations do exist though and information about them is getting easier to find.

Some, like Doctors Without Borders are already well-known. Their 3 medical facilities in Haiti were all destroyed by the earthquake but their people are helping the injured anyway. Other organizations like SHARE, the Skeptics and Humanist Aid and Relief Effort, and FBB, Foundation Beyond Belief, both of which are organized as humanist or freethinker charities, are funneling donations to secular groups like Doctors Without Borders. The American Humanist Association has also established a Haitian relief fund that is even now working with NGO's in the Dominican Republic to send supply convoys into the earthquake-devasted areas.

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In the mid-atlantic region (PA, NJ, DE, NY) there is a convenient store chain called WaWa. I was able to donate right at the point of purchase (register) by saying how much - the cashier scanned a barcode label on the counter once for every dollar I wanted to contribute and it went to the American Red Cross. Very cool use of technology.
I think the Center for International Disaster Information is secular

Donation links from the article

All are encouraged to investigate their Charities before donating
Since forum discussions slide right off the front page fairly quickly, could you also post this in the Atheist Do-Gooders group?
Partners in Health has been working in Haiti for years, has infrastructure in place, & has no religious affiliation. Red Cross & Medicins Sans Frontieres (Doctors without Borders) are both well known excellent international charities. I think you pretty much covered it as far as atheist/nontheist charities working the disaster.

However, most of these charities only cover immediate disaster relief, not for aid in helping people rebuild their lives & their country. I recommend donations to FINCA International. They offer small loans to people in developing countries to build homes, start or expand business', or to buy much need livestock & farming supplies. They also have a focus on loans to women, helping them gain financial equality & independence in counties where women are often discouraged from even owning property.
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