Stephen's decapitated body was found in a field

what the fubar... when homophobes go really bad?
anyhow.. i'm not into capital punishment but c'mon...

nice crucifix f minus the fkn' vatican already

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What they need is some vigilante action. That witch doctor needs to have his head cut off with his own machete and his blood spilled around his little hut. Generally I am against violent solutions, but only generally. Shit like this really pissed me off.
whoa... well. can't say the cops would investigate such a scene too far; imho.. England has it bad. On top of worshiping or towing the line of monarchy (granted a judge did rule szientology a dangerous cult once)
there's a new article about gangs molesting kids; grooming them etc. it's really bad imho. I mean 2011 and the society has that shit going on f that. Sick Of It All! NYCHC!

might wanna look the lyrics up


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