Where have you been hiding yourself Ken Ham?? It's all clear to me now

For some of you this will be old news. I thought it might be entertaining for newbies or those who reside in places firmly anchored in reality (not Kentucky).



As the writer of this column points out "Science is a myth simply because it cannot be allowed to contradict the Bible".


As I read the article it occurred to me. I can make my great grandchildren rich off the Ken Ham books. I'll just buy a bunch of copies and store them away. They can sell them on whatever intergalactic virtual eBay that exists at the time. That's assuming they still use money in the future. Whadyathink???

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I am so ashamed.. I didn't know Ken Ham was Australian.

On behalf of most of my fellow Australians (with the exception of the leader of the opposition) I apologise most profusely.


We accept your apology on the condition you take him back home immediately.


Actually, you can stay. We've decided we like Australians a whole lot (with the exception of Mr. Ham and the leader of the opposition. A fine fellow I'm sure but we've heard some disturbing things we'd like to clear up first. You understand I'm sure).





You still have to somehow make him leave though 'cause he's, you know...irritating...and stirring up our yokels in Kentucky.

While we are taking annoying foreign nationals from the US of A, I'll be glad to to take Obama as part of the trade.



I'll take that offer if you sweeten it by removing John Boehner as well.

I take it you don't believe the Hawaiian long form birth certificate was real. I'm not sure where to go with that.


Actually, let's forget the whole thing and go out for a beer.





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