We are all very comfortable with the concept of backing up the
software on our computers and considering it as a totally separate
entity to the hardware. We can then, in the event of a hardware crash,
restore that software to new hardware and perhaps better hardware, and
carry on as if nothing happened.

This concept could also be applied to the data stored in the computer
hardware called the brain, all our consciousness really consists of is
the data stored, plus data accessed through our senses, processed in
the biological computer called the brain.

It is therefore a natural logical progression to believe that some time in the
future, given the advances being made in these fields, that our
human "software" could be "backed up" and then "restored" to
another biological brain or quantum computer, in the event of the
death of our bodies. To be later restored, including continued awareness and memories to a cloned body.

Because they are all scientifically possible these technologies, and other related technologies are currently being worked on. And if it can happen, logically it ultimately will happen.


That being the case, and if we are spiritual beings as theists claim,
what happens to the soul? Is it transferred with our "software" or
does it remain within the rotting hardware ? Does it go to God and
leave the "new" cloned you soulless? If the soul is transferred with
the "software" and if you then create multiple clones of your new body and
download copies of your "software" into each, does each have a
separate soul, or if there is only one soul are the others soulless
versions of you? Or does the soul and therefor God not exist?

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Good question. Wrong forum. Why don't you ask them?
I thought I would ask someone intelligent
Well, your series of questions start with -

That being the case, and if we are spiritual beings as theists claim,

What's the point of asking these questions to a group of people who assume the premise to be false?
What is the point then of the existence of such a group?

And the same premise could be applied to similar questions to theists.
And the same premise could be applied to similar questions to theists.

My point exactly.
So discussion is dead if it bears no fruit?
This brings up another interesting question...

If we can someday get to the point where we can "backup" our "software", could we also create a program that would simulate Heaven or Hell? In other words, could we make a program that constantly provides stimuli that leaves us with a feeling of extacy or anguish?
They are working on that as well. Any direct stimuli to the brain is unlikely to suffer from a tolerance factor. It should work equally as well every time.
Impossible. If you back up your brain all you have is a copy of your brain. Your 'conciousness' is not part of the information on the disc.
Where is do you suggest the "conciousness" resides, I know the theist may suggest "the soul" but clearly it lies within the realm of the brain, as no brain activity, no conciousness. So couple all that data to sensory organs of sorts and will you not have conciousness? having insufficient data I would not like to say no, but perhaps you can.
You will have conciousness - but it won't be YOUR conciousness. It will merely resemble your conciousness.

Believing that you can back up your PERSONAL CONCIOUSNESS on a zip drive is like believing pricking someone with a needle will cause their identical twin to feel pain.
Conciousness is more than data. It is the active interpretation of sensory information and the awareness of one's own self. Basicly, conciousness is a process. When your brain is active it is concious. When your brain is inactive it is unconcious.

While you could concievably save your memories on a disc, maybe even your personality, I don't see how it's possible to save your conciousness. What I meant by my twin analogy is that it's impossible for a single conciousness to exist in two places at once. If you saved your conciousness on a zip drive it would imply you having a form of out of body experiance.




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