Where is this religious fervor coming from--when did it happen? And coming out...

Hello all,

I just don't know where all this is coming from.  I just don't remember this growing up--people went to church, but other than that, I don't remember this constant preachy stuff.  Of course, I grew up in Minnesota (which used to be fairly normal) and now live in a small town (700 people) in the buckle of the bible belt, but still...

I attended my 2nd grader's spring concert tonight. The music teacher said that the children would be performing a song about gratitude (right then I had an awful feeling). He said while they were learning the song he had them write something they were grateful for (oh, oh) and that he picked several of the children to come to the mic and say what they had written.  I knew this wouldn't be good--the music teacher is in a local xtian band and volunteers for the local xtian athlete group.  So up comes a little girl who says she is grateful for jesus. The place went nuts--people screaming "halleluiah", "Now, that's what I'm talking about".  Then comes a little boy who says he's grateful for god.  More yelling--"you tell them!" and "amens" and thundering applause.  I have been considering 'coming out' for a while now, but after sitting there tonight with nearly the whole town there going wacky I realize that this is something I will not be able to do.  I have to admit, sometimes I feel awfully lonely--I sensed something not so friendly during this display of amens, etc.

Thanks for being here to listen to me!

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You are not alone, you know that. The voice of reason is soft but it is very persistent.
Thank you!  Sometimes it does feel lonely, but I know there are others out there.   : )
Death throes hopefully
Thanks for the smile!

Location! Location! Location!


This isn't a renewal.  Small towns have always been more religious.  I think it has something to do with a lack of genetic variation.

I think it has to do with more access to different medias. There are more TV preachers now than ever before and you got idiots like Glen Beck hawking his gold and religious and political views on anyone stupid enough to buy it. I know when I was growing up in Maryland, we went to church mostly on just holidays. I however went to sunday school every sunday just to escape my family for a couple of hours. I don't remember any preachy crap. I even used to go home home with my sunday school teacher, she was the wife of the local doctor, (more to escape my family) and I didn't get the preachy thing then either. I think now people have to prove that they are jesus's number one fan, so that they will be in heaven and not the next guy because they don't believe hard enough.
Where do you live? I always hear people say they live in the buckle of the belt. I actually live near a town call Belt Buckle in TN.

I live near Springfield, Mo.   Have heard it called 'buckle of the bible belt' since I moved here.  Also, Springfield is the home of the assemblies of god.  My husband does maintenance work at the headquarters sometimes and he said they have prayer times throughout the day and if workers are there during the prayer times they want them to stop and pray. 

There is a freethinkers group in Springfield and I am going to look them up--can't imagine talking with others who actually feel as I do--I may just become speechless from shock!

Hate to barge in on this sort of personal conversation.  I totally identify with the things you guys are talking about, but there's something I'm mass posting and I'm doing it for a good reason.  You guys living in the Bible Belt, and particularly you Suzann in Tennessee, are probably going to be interested.  Here goes.


Deceptive anti-evolution education bill passes in Tennessee House of Reps, onto Senate...

House Bill 368 passed on April 7, now watch out for Senate Bill 0893.  This bill is disguised as promoting critical thinking and scrutinizing scientific evidence, but in actuality is a classic creationist "Teach the Controversy" bill.  Just wanted to make sure everyone was aware of this.

The bill, or at least I believe it to be the current version:


A committee meeting that makes abundantly clear the intent of this bill:http://wapp.capitol.tn.gov/apps/BillInfo/default.aspx?BillNumber=SB...

(At the bottom of the page, there 
is a dark blue bar that says "search results for SB0893."  Under it 
there's a link called simply "SB0893."  Click it and a window will pop 
up with a streaming video of the meeting.  It will automatically skip 
to the correct part of the video.  It takes a second to get rolling, 
but once people start expressing their views there's a lot of good old 
creationist/"intelligent design" rhetoric.)

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Cody Gaisser


One is supposed to pray for something like the strength or patienc to deal with the difficulties rather than an absence of difficulties.

On one hand, this is commendable on their part being concerned with self improvement. On the other hand, I think this was a bit convenient on their part as they are asking for something they could just as well managed w/o any help at all from a supernatural entity, so they are way less likely to be disappointed at gods lack of involvement.

I was but a child when I was a theist and so instead prayed that my problems would be solved or vanish. As often as not, I prayed that I wouldn't get caught.

Anyway, my point is, if these guys were praying correctly, there is no way for the results to falsefy gods involvement.
I'm sure there were other parents there just as uncomfortable with it, but were afraid to say anything. They're in the same boat as you, afraid to come out because they feel they are alone. >.> That's why you keep seeing posts like yours on AN, because that's the only place people can come out without fear, and even then it's usually under pseudonyms.

 I've noticed this as well...People are way more pushy with their delusional bs than they were when I was a kid. Kids also did not pander to the religious like that either..In fact,I don't recall anyone mentioning god when I went ot school,praying at the lunch table,etc.

 However,the nutters  have always been there. Case in point,a comic book called Hot Stuff about a little devil.

I enjoyed Hot Stuff,but not many comic books of him were published. As an adult,I found out why by accident when I was Googling for something else.

 Religious nut jobs were afraid kids reading it would start worshiping the debil.

 Really now,is that stupid,or what? Anyway,if I'm going to worship a dude with a pitch fork and a forked tail,I'll go with BSD's Beastie...He's




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