0 Exclusively heterosexual
1 Predominantly heterosexual, only incidentally homosexual
2 Predominantly heterosexual, but more than incidentally homosexual
3 Equally heterosexual and homosexual; bisexual.
4 Predominantly homosexual, but more than incidentally heterosexual
5 Predominantly homosexual, only incidentally heterosexual
6 Exclusively homosexual
7 Asexual

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At this time in my life, I am tempted to ask: What is sex? : )
z - e - r - o
totally zero
Definitely a 0, but I'm with Jim. I've been tempted to ask more than once over the last several years: What is sex?

I wish I knew...
Definitely 5.5
I'd have to put myself as a 4. I love women, but ever so often guys catch my fancy :D.
Right now I would have to be 7 due to personal image and health problems, but I think my real range is between 1 & 2.
1 - ish? I am uncertainly fluctuating between 0 and 2.5 or so and probably not completely 3.
Oh, never thought I'd have to rare myself a zero - on anything... And yet, here I go.
I guess I'm a zero. I yam what I yam . . . .
I appear to be a 1, but I'm dating a 2. I had no idea there was a 7.
are there negative numbers?
I guess a 1 or a 2.... I've only experimented once within my own gender. It was, for me, totally different than being with a guy, and it was within the context of a 3-some with a guy. V. romantic towards men during sex and v. playful/friendly with women, I would guess. So I'm not sure where that puts me.



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