It is not uncommon for websites to offer merchandise/gear so that members can show their support. Purchasing this merchandise from the site also helps to raise money to support the site.  To my understanding websites may also work with companies that supply merchandise and get a finical kickback for specific gear sold. Such as a percentage of A/N gear sold by a T-shirt company.

In short I would like to show my support for A/N in my community with a T-shirt and bumper sticker. I would be even more pleased if the proceeds went back to A/N. 

Please chime in if you think this is a good idea so Richard will have an idea of how many people might be interested in purchasing gear! This may be a way to get rid of the ads!

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I love to wear atheist gear and buy from those who send funds to A/N, however, I have no idea who would manage it, take the orders, mantain an inventory, mail the product, and send something to A/N after all bills were paid. 

Perhaps a deal could be made with a company that already sells merchandise. A/N provides a link to that company and gets to enjoy a percentage of the income.

I already have too many T-shirts. I'm a bit wary of advertising atheism on my car, lest it attract vandalism from "good Christians". Others might be interested.


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