Taking suggestions, trying to organize my new place!
So I proudly own 4 copies of the Bible, they are all special in their own way! And I am anal retentive about organization and I alphabetize my books (and cds and dvds, color coordinate my closet and arrange my shoes by type) but I cannot decide where the bible should go. Since its not a priority book when i ran out of room on the bookshelf they have been moved around but I just got a new bookshelf and have some room so any suggestions?
I was thinking at the beginning because that is where anthologies are usually placed in book stores, but I have other anthologies so how do I alphabetize it within those?
Should I alphabetize based on publishing company? Or based on type of bible (New king james, NIV ect)?
Does anyone else own bibles (I am sure many of you do, its almost necessary when being an atheist)? and where do you keep them?

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I own two Bibles, a Koran, a Book of Mormon, and copy of the Talmud. I keep them all between the Fantasy and Science Fiction books in my library.
again, if there was a 'like' button i would 'like' this! I would like some day to own a koran and most def a book of mormon but i have yet to purchase them. I own the I ching and the Tao teh ching, but those have authors or at least translators. I don't organize my books based on genre so that doesn't work for me :(
Throw them in the air and let God decide where he wants them.
he chose the middle of my living room. So NOT convenient!
two were gifts and have my name engraved on them and that makes them special even though I am not close to either of the people that gave them to me. One I got at a play, I was kind of forced to go accept a bible and the last I got because I was tired of saying no when they were passing them out on campus. idk i kind of just like collecting them. I love books! and I do refer to them for things so i like to keep them accessible.
Oh! Those Gideon ones?!

I actually have a side project I'm doing right now. I'm taking those pocket Bibles and filling them with post-its where Jesus talks shit or God does horrible things.
there are just so many crafty things you can do with them! I have friends that use the pages as rolling paper!
Skeptic's Annotated Bible has a Bible, Koran, and Book of Mormon on CD. I think you might be able to put that on an iPhone.

Back to the topic, if you can't think of a way to organize them, might I suggest putting them in the order you got them.
I have quite a few in a couple of shelves and I must admit not particularly well organised. My older "collector" copies are separate. I was impressed with the "throw them up for God's decision" suggestion, though.

I have old biblical pages (pre 1600) and want them frame but I'm not sure what to do.

So I proudly own 4 copies of the Bible

Then the obvious solution to your problem would be to put one under each leg of the table.
I have a couple of Bibles. Both were family items and hold sentimental value.
Mines stuffed in the back of my buffet. Haven't touched it in years but im thinking of going though it again.




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