Where were the righties on spending when the Bush era slogged through?

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It all depends on who's in power. The Republicans had their justification for reckless spending, the Dems now push theirs. BOTH parties are, despite PR statements, hopelessly addicted to unsustainable levels of spending, like a drunken fratboy with his daddy's credit card. That's how they buy votes.

Drunken frat boy with his daddy's credit card.  Is that GWB we're talking about?  :)

Despite all their hatred of "socialistic" ideas, they are just as socialist as anyone else.

They would never give up a publicly-funded military for example.

And what about all that money they gave to NASCAR in the recent budget showdown? (Seventy million dollars - if you called NASCAR enthusiasts socialists they would turn you into a pretzel)


I agree even though the military is specifically defined as government supported in the Constitution. Both parties, unfortunately since FDR/Truman have been obsessed with the impractical and ultimately destructive goal of 'managing' the world  with a worldwide military footprint, something we cannot afford economically, or with lives.

As a side point, the NASCAR incident shows the danger of going by sound bites. I was pretty appalled by it too but it's not quite what one would think from the headlines. First it was not new but an extension of an existing tax rule, it applied to a wide range of entertainment complexes, and it was actually a relatively common exemption that allowed tracks to depreciate their facilities at a faster rate than conventional manufacturing buildings. Yes it was still pork but not quite as bizarre as one would think.

But that brings up the very big problem of pork. Inthe Sandy relief bill, large amounts of local pet projects were thrown in by both parties. There are only a very  handful of congress people who actually refuse to put pork into bills.

But NASCAR is vital to national security.  The ability to drive fast cars in circles will help us chase Al-Queda when they start running in circles around a paved track.

The left only screams when there's a Repub in power. With a Democratic Senate and President, they fall completely silent.

Both major parties talk the language of freedom, but neither one actually behaves that way. Freakin hypocrites. The enemy of your enemy is not your friend.

i noticed a sticker on electric box at intersection said 'thanks for shit sandwich george' w/obama photo

ha.. he pandered to these schmux
(refer to my latest blog post.. form hell! yikes

Never voted for Bush..and to call him a "righty" would be false. No one EVER considered him a conservative..a rebulican, maybe. He was a big government socialist just like today's regime. The "patriot act" was the biggest power grab and loss of liberty this country has seen. Did anyone stand against it? Democrats? Republicans? NOPE. I think the only vote against the patriot act was Dr. Ron Paul. The rest of the country took it at face value and said "we need it" becuase of 9/11. Well, like they say "if you aere willing to give up liberty for security, you deserve neither"..

Bush brought us Obama..hopefully the failings of Obama will bring us something better. But, that is doubtful since we are already on the slippery slope.

As far as the "surplus" goes, we all know that was just smoke and mirrors from Slick Willy.


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