"...where yet there can be revolution without machine guns.”

Appellate Court Judge Learned Hand achieved fame because so many of his views were adopted by the US Supreme Court. He was called its tenth justice.

While traveling in Europe he described the America of his times, the 1940s and 50s, with “I have looked to my own country, distracted as she might be by a Babel of voices, uncertain of her purposes and her path; where yet there can be revolution without machine guns.”

If America's Dominionists achieve their ends, wars of religion will create here the non-religious attitudes so prevalent in Europe, the inevitable result of wars of religion.

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Don't get all wrought up over the above prospect; experience is a far more effective teacher than reason.

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But when a Dominionist becomes President, one who longs for the end of times with the nuclear arsenal in hand, how will anyone on Earth survive to learn from his religious war.

If, not when, a Dominionist becomes president, the military will not obey his command to launch the End Times War.

The reason? Those who profit from war don’t want to die in one.


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