Whether I should try and protect a friend or mind my own business??

We all know internet scams are here to stay. I think most of us, on this site anyway, can spot one easily enough. Which brings me to this. A friend of mine friended a man on Facebook. 'Sam' said he was in the army, has an eight year old son that his mother is keeping while he's stationed in Africa, and that he will retire in September. With full benefits of course and a ranch/business he owns in Texas. 'Karen' isn't a stupid woman but she is lonely and bored. She has one grown son and the same job that she started after high school.
When she told me about him she told me that every one had warned her it was a scam. So I just told her to be careful.
Fast forward two weeks. Now his son has been in a tragic accident and Sam needs two thousand dollars to pay the hospital or his son will be discharged. I hate to see her get ripped off but she's not asked for my opinion and I haven't​ offered it.

If any of you were in this position what would you do?? Would you volunteer your opinion or just keep quiet??

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Kathy, that's very discouraging to hear.  At least you've done what you can, and have expressed your concerns.  From this point on, hopefully she will learn an important life lesson.

She'll learn Carl but it's going to change her trusting nature. We all need to make our own mistakes but when it's so obvious to me, and everyone else, that she's being scammed I just don't know why she can't see it.

When I was in Turkey, the bellhop escorted me to my room. As soon as he put my suitcase down he came toward me, gave a full face kiss and said he wanted to marry me. 

I asked him if he was trying to get to America?

"Yes, yes" he quickly replied. 

I responded that there must be a better way to make that move.

A U.S. woman, traveling alone, was an easy target for this fellow; if I had been a lonely woman traveling alone, his offer might have been attractive, he was a very handsome Kurd living in Turkey. Clearly, there were political problems facing him and I was not the one to make his move to America happen. He was very kind and helped me plan my stay in Istanbul. He told me of an excellent coffee house where they served locals fine Turkish blends. I learned to put cardamom in my coffee. 

After that first encounter, we laughed and visited as much as we could. I made a friend that day. 

So Joan you did not feel that the man's integrity was in question?

Of course, his integrity was in question, he proved that. I didn't get mad, insulted, imposed upon, afraid, or helpless. I discussed ways he could solve his own problem. 

Also, consider the reality of his life, he was a Kurd in Turkey, not a very nice position in which to find oneself. His country was destroyed by warring, he was young, ambitious, and foolish, perfect fodder for a teacher.  

... "....perfect fodder for a teacher.  "

That was funny....

If she is that desperate then no amount of logic will dissuade her unfortunately.  The only thing that will help is the eventual realization that it was a scam.  Which only happens after the fact.

As usual, Susan, I agree. It is kind of like parentling teenagers, give them your instructions and opions, if they learn the hard way that you were wise, then lesson is learned and future lessons will come easier. 

Susan I agree with you and Joan. We live in such a small place that, especially at our ages, there's no chance of meeting new people. And the older we get the more narrow our circle of friends and acquaintances become.

Kathy, I know what you mean, "the older we get the more narrow our circle of friends and acquaintances become."

Over time, friends on social networks, i.e. Atheist Nexus, fills in the gap. I especially like this group because of the different topics, i.e. Godless in the Garden, Food, Cancer, Writing to Congress, Quote of the Day, Books:- Non-fiction, Friends, etc. 

...there is saying that goes,

"You are never too young to grow old"....

Id tell my frend that they're being a fucking dumbass and say dont cry to me if they clean you out and when you have everyone tell you the same shit. 




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