Whether I should try and protect a friend or mind my own business??

We all know internet scams are here to stay. I think most of us, on this site anyway, can spot one easily enough. Which brings me to this. A friend of mine friended a man on Facebook. 'Sam' said he was in the army, has an eight year old son that his mother is keeping while he's stationed in Africa, and that he will retire in September. With full benefits of course and a ranch/business he owns in Texas. 'Karen' isn't a stupid woman but she is lonely and bored. She has one grown son and the same job that she started after high school.
When she told me about him she told me that every one had warned her it was a scam. So I just told her to be careful.
Fast forward two weeks. Now his son has been in a tragic accident and Sam needs two thousand dollars to pay the hospital or his son will be discharged. I hate to see her get ripped off but she's not asked for my opinion and I haven't​ offered it.

If any of you were in this position what would you do?? Would you volunteer your opinion or just keep quiet??

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I think that was one of the biggest reasons that Gubitosi got off on that murder charge. Bonnie did a lot of scams that way and I think there had been threats.

For those who didn't know, Mickey Gubitosi is Robert Blake. His name goes back into Little Rascals days.

CONCLUSION: No money was ever sent and his Facebook page was taken down shortly afterwards.

A happy endng!

This is good. A scammer (most likely male) claimed to be my soul mate not so long ago and was using the name Angela M. Jonak. The Facebook picture of this person was a sexy porn star. I never fell for the scam and told the scammer who the picture really was. Then it ended pretty quickly.

You have to be careful.

Michael, when I was on Facebook I was constantly annoyed by different people trying the scam things. Once I took the page down I haven't been bothered.

On Facebook I am Deno Penno. It's African shing lingo.

Sometimes it is fun to play with them.

so what was it that caused your friend to resist the urge to help?

Glen, I think it was the tactic he used. Career army without health care for a dependent. Plus the ranch/business and no way to get the money to cover a child's healthcare costs?? And, he made the mistake of addressing her as Jane one time. And everyone she spoke to about him told her it was a scam. I believe it was a combination of all of these things.

Yes, career army dependents are covered for health care. Either he was lying about being career army or dependent not having acess to health care. Either way, he lied. 

Whew, I'm sure glad Facebook took him down. Good thinking.

Of COURSE he is lying.  He just a scammer from Africa who is trying to get money.

I could tell your friend about all the career army men who have approached me on Facebook.   I feelsorry for any REAL army people on Facebook.




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