Which American Problem Most Needs Attention: Guns or Violence?

Paraphrasing von Clausewitz, unregulated capitalism is war by another means.

America is a violent nation. Guns are one symptom of our violence.


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I'm thinking! A good question; kind of like the chicken and egg one.

‘Tis obvious, Joan.

When multiple species hatch from eggs, the egg evolved before the chicken species

‘Tis also obvious, the use of violence came before the use of guns. Even before the use of sticks and stones.

BTW, as used, “species” is both singular and plural.

To what does “specie” refer?

I'd say it's two sides of the same coin, but we need to work on both at once.

Making guns just a bit harder for crooks to get won't be easy, and won't make a gigantic difference.  But it still needs doing.  Some reasonable people (including probably some on here) want to have access to guns for sport and safety.  I can see that -- but only if target shoot more than once a year, or they live away from towns were law enforcement is accessible.  They should be willing to jump through a large, low hoop to keep having guns.  Violent people, with proof on record, should be unarmed.

Meantime we need to take steps to cool society down.  Having public figures preaching violence doesn't help.  Glamorizing violence is an American tradition, and a bad one.  If we can become a little more courteous, more thoughtful, less aggressive, that will help.

Also we need to focus on helping people with mental/emotional problems.  So often shooters have undiagnosed problems which, if treated, might not take lives.

jjJerry, I’d say it’s one “coin” with multiple sides.

The “coin” is world population, now about 7.3 billion and growing rapidly.

One “side” with many “facets” is lethal violence, which is not subtle and often makes the news.

Another “side” is world malnutrition. which is subtle and seldom makes the news.

Other “sides” include fatal diseases and fatalities due to climate.


There are many “sides” and many remedies, but Ma and Pa Nature are in charge.

BTW, if I’d had any children I would want the best for them.

Yes, I want the best for my children and not at the expense of another's children. Warring makes no sense and yet we continue to do it. Civilization has taught us little about winning as others win as well. The water issue will soon become as precious as oil; some will have an abundance of water as others die of thirst. 7.53 billion humans in 2017 and we continue to want the best for our children even at the expense of another's children. 

Joan, I find your entire first sentence hard to believe. You do have empathy.

Warring makes sense for those who supply weapons and for those who win.

There was no Garden of Eden from which homo sapiens fell.

There was a “jungle” we have not yet left. In short, sociopathy et cetera exist.

Why do you find my entire first sentence hard to believe? Just because some narcissistic, power hungry, delusional person, usually male, thinks he has the right to rule the world doesn't mean we all are narcissistic, power hungry, delusional people, it does indicate we desire strong leadership. Why can it not be the one who is an empathic, positive, realistic, and female person?

Joan, if your first sentence translates to “I dislike zero sum games” I can with ease believe it.

Does it translate to that?

"We will always have people with anti-social personality among us, and their skills include the ability to sell almost anything to almost" anyone. 

I like this deleted response.


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