Which came first Myths or Gods? Were gods created to explain and support myths or vice versa?

I tend to think that the myths originated first.
Such as natural events occurred and either divided or destroyed much of a particular tribe / culture and people tried to make sense of these events with stories and mythical concepts which needed some kind of rationalization, or base.

Due to humans internal agency detection mechanism, adding an agent or supernatural mind to the explanation / myth solidifies it in the minds of the villagers / tribal members as rational.

Different events create different mythical explanations which in turn produces different supernatural agents / gods. 

That is my opinion.

What do you think? ;-)~

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IMO you  have it exactly right, DD.

With 28 views and no posts, people agree.

If 36 people viewed this Discussion, I wonder how many agreed, how many disagreed, and how many didn't give a whistle's toot? If some accepted and others disagreed, why did they not support their positions? Are they bored? lazy? confused? afraid? angry? grieving? disinterested?

If I were in a cave sitting by a warming fire and heard strange noises outside and the flash of lightning lit up the sky and cave, and a roll of thunder shook the ground, I imagine I would call out for help, if no one came I would pretend there was a superhuman power that came to chase away what lurked outside. If things quieted down, I would thank the energy that chased away the villain that I could not see.

Therefore, I agree, an individual feels something: angry, sad, mad, afraid, and creates a story to explain what caused the activation of senses. I would tell fellow cave-dwellers what happened and what saved my life. The others of the clan would hear the story, learn of the god, show or tell others. Someone wrote down the story and it became gospel. Celebrations to call forth the energy began as did hymns and songs of praise. The litany came throughout time and place and we have RCC, Protestants, Mormons, and the roughly 4200 religions in the world.

Those that think I write too much have a point, and I just proved it! 

You sure did, Joan, but the number is 41 now.

I checked my email cuz five minutes ago someone left me a phone message saying all services on my Windows computer have been suspended. One of those ransomware calls, I suppose. It doesn't appear to have been this computer.

Those kinds of calls come in every day. This is a real problem and one that needs to be addressed. 

Here is the theme for my pledge. 

I believe this to be 100% accurate. It explains also why there are so many gods. The believer, of course, will claim that all those other gods are really his god by a different name and sometimes the story was not exactly right. 

Yes Michael.
But that is the beauty and diversity of human perception.
We all have a different perception of the world, due to differences in cultural upbringing, external influences and brain wiring (genetics).

Cultural influences is why most believe in their cultural religion / superstitions.
Sometimes genetics (intelligence) will have them wander from or question those superstitions.
Sometimes external influences will guide them to question and leave those superstitions behind.

We in the A/N community and humanists worldwide are hoping to be that external influence.

But that is a long and winding, meandering road
Because opposition from superstitious communities try to limit their indoctrinees' exposure to our influence.
We are fighting culture, the media and time.
So with limited exposure to our cause, it is an uphill battle. 


Just this morning on another forum one person had written that creationism needs to be taught in schools because "students need to hear both sides." This upsets me. Both sides of what? If you believe in dirt man and rib woman why not throw in stick people? Maybe the Abdominal Snowman. The obvious answer to anyone should be that your religion is taught in Sunday School or church. Too many of us are slowly coming to believe a great controversy here of "either/or" with thoughts of creationism vs. evolution. Theists want you to believe this but it is not the case. This sort of thinking only works for an evangelical or a Baptist. In the end it explains nothing.

Michael, as your post tells it, that “one person” did not say whether creationism would be taught in science classrooms.

He appears to not know that creationists lost that battle in a Pennsylvania federal court several years ago.

Yes, reality only has one side.

Human beliefs may have 2 sides, believers and non-believers.

But reality is only one sided.

Either it fits in with reality or it doesn't. 

What doesn't fit in with reality should be considered as errant and thus

ignored. ;-)~ 

Dog and Tom, I hear you both. Believers seem to think that creationism is an "either/or" issue and that if evolution is somehow proven wrong it will then instantly mean that "god did it" as to how we got here. Why would that have to be? It's almost idiotic. 

It's how people think. Some of the Trumpers these days believe that Trump is following the Constitution (he is not) and that our Republic is run as it should be. Once Bernie or someone like him is elected we go instantly into Socialism. Government doesn't work that way either. Someone please tell Trump. He's a myth and not a god.

At some time a few thousand years into the future, if we survive that long, some group of intelligent beings may consider 'Lord of The Rings ' as a religious document and consider us as having sects worshiping Gandalf the White. 

But the question anthropology may not be able to answer is which came first, the legend / myth or the religion?

Many early religions were products of a tribal megalomaniac or Shaman, using his gift of the gab to seed nonsense into the mind of the tribal leader in order to get his way with females in the tribe.

Giving credence to Voltaire's:  "Religion began when the first scoundrel met the first fool." 

This was likely one of the ways that cleverness / deception started becoming a dominant genetic trait in human evolution.
So we can thank the early Shaman charlatans for that gift to the human species. :-D~ 




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