From the time of Cold war the Capitalist's and communist's were contravene each-other.But whose Ideology and main motto of work is good. 

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Freedom and fundamental rights have to be guaranteed, that means the state make the justiciable.  This is the beginning of the socialism, we have to look into the causes. and the weaknesses of the movement.  It is the empowerment of he people who must  control every aspect of the society and their associations at all levels become the decisive factor in governing.  That means when the people are sovereign and the masters of their destiny.  All major decisions are taken by the people at all the levels, and the well being of the people is guaranteed.

Well,you done a broad definition.I want it in abridge.

Under communism, the phasing out of the state is supposed to happen over time. It is supposed to transition to socialism first, either through democratic means or a people's struggle, and then eventually to communism. I think socialism is a permanent workable alternative personally. I'm personally more suspicious of capitalists than communists.

BIG ERROR, JOSEPH -- you are limiting yourself to a choice between American capitalism and Soviet Union communism. The young man who started this discussion made the same big error.

School history courses here in America don't tell students that American capitalism is good for people who have no conscience. Bernie Madoff did well for a while but he's in prison for life. The people on Wall Street who gave us the 2008/2009 economic crash should be in prison and some of them might soon be there. Other sociopaths / psychopaths are about two percent of the people you might meet on a typical day; they are about 25% of the prison population.

School history courses in the Soviet Union didn't tell students how Josef Stalin got rid of the millions of small privately-owned farms before World War Two. He took the crops they'd raised and sent them to people elsewhere. I understand that between twenty and thirty million starved to death.

AGAIN, by limiting yourself to the two economic systems named by the ininformed young man who started this discussion, you're ignoring what millions of people here in the US of A, and many millions of people elsewhere in the world are doing. To learn more, google "employee ownership".

OK G, now find a diagram of a fair, just, functioning government. 

In that diagram, I would rather go with anarchy than others.

And where do you get that anarchy is fair, just or functioning?

I have got that point because in my country, we need anarchism. Politicians are corrupted, everything is corrupted. 

And that didn't come close to answering my question.

Yeah, Susan. I worked with a college intern who claimed to be an anarchist. He was the most domineering person in the campaign. He inspired a question.

Put five anarchists in a room and what happens? They fight over who will be the supervising anarchist.

Nothing is black or white.  we should take the best of all systems.  one is not better over the other. 




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