From the time of Cold war the Capitalist's and communist's were contravene each-other.But whose Ideology and main motto of work is good. 

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We have drawn the conclusion in India that the people have to become  sovereign , that means that they take all the decisions and the elected representatives submit to their decisions and cant change without their permission.  People's assemblies in working place, university and locality function as the highest authority.  People also initiate laws and repeal laws which are not suitable to the society.  All important issues concerning National are submitted to the referendum. The economy has to be  oriented to guarantee well being of all the members of the society, and the production has to be geared to fulfil the needs of the members of the society.  The candidates have to be scrutinized thoroughly and can be dismissed at any time  when found unfit to serve the interests of the people by the selection assemblies.. All discussions and decisions have to be carried out in open .  This campaign started in 1993 from New Delhi.  This kind of movement for the empowerment has gripped the whole world, especially Greece, Spain and Australia where a referendum was held. Renewal of democracy and the political process , and necessary overhaul of the constitution will be required.

And I'm trying to say that both communism and capitalism are corrupted.

You haven't expressed yourself well enough in your OP, then.  So many people are not getting it because, it doesn't say that.

sounds like they know the score w/rick the hack perry in tx::::

word is .. linktv will continue to level the information playing field..? 
surrounded by insane religious channels on directv at least~
wiki the world. 




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