From the time of Cold war the Capitalist's and communist's were contravene each-other.But whose Ideology and main motto of work is good. 

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Neither. Realism over ideology. Unlike on paper, human nature is, if anything, unpredictable.

Neither extreme is the way to go. There are advantages and disadvantages to all economic strategies. It is best to take what is good about each and attempt to balance them into the best we can come up with. At the very least, deciding beforehand which is to be preferred doesn't do us any good. Both camps, in this regard, will often demonize the other. Communists will rail against the evils of capitalism, capitalists will rail against the evils of communism. They will both be right, they will both be wrong. But if we label one or the other evil, we can't sit down and have an adult conversation about any of it.


If our laws didn't work against human nature, we'd be in trouble indeed. In the same way we prevent murder, we should be working to prevent exploitation. That's just my take on it.

The capitalists were the goodies and the Communists were the badies. Alternatively, the capitalists were the badies and the communists were the goodies.

I like it

Intellectual comment

Questions such as "Which is better?" and "Which is best?" are incomplete and every answer misleads.

Until "for whom?" is added, they remain incomplete.

Which is better for whom? Worse for whom?


What don't you understand?

Which is better ?




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