Which is the best ? Capitalism or Communism

From the time of Cold war the Capitalist's and communist's were contravene each-other.But whose Ideology and main motto of work is good. 

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And where do you get that anarchy is fair, just or functioning?

I have got that point because in my country, we need anarchism. Politicians are corrupted, everything is corrupted. 

And that didn't come close to answering my question.

Yeah, Susan. I worked with a college intern who claimed to be an anarchist. He was the most domineering person in the campaign. He inspired a question.

Put five anarchists in a room and what happens? They fight over who will be the supervising anarchist.

Nothing is black or white.  we should take the best of all systems.  one is not better over the other. 

What makes you think 'black or white' ? There is nothing about colorism. I think anarchism is the best way to have freedom.

How?  And "colorism" isn't a word.

Yes, it is. In BrE 'Colourism' and AmE 'Colorism'. It is a discrimination about skin colour. I think, you should look it up on wiki.

Skin color has nothing to do with this discussion.

I know, but why did he say that ?

'Nothing is black or white' it makes no sense.

He is talking about the concept not being black or white.  In Sociology there is a saying "Nothing is black or white only varying shades of gray".  It means that things are nuanced and not neatly put into categories.   He is telling you that there is some good and bad in all political systems and that we should pick and choose the best from all of them.


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