It's pretty clear the the god of the bible appears to be two completely different deities in the two testaments, and liberal Christians seem to discount the OT version in favour the the "God of Love" version found in the New. But how did the NT god manage to get such an unwarranted reputation as he's quite insane too.
Frankly, in my opinion the NT Yahweh is far more insane and dangerous than the OT version. Yes, the OT god was very murderous, including the wholesale slaughter of children to punish and/or test their parents, but he would leave it at that. Not like the NT deity who figures it's just punishment to torture people forever because he didn't like the way they think. It's no contest!

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Fact is, the OT is still recognized by a number of believers, especially hardcore fundamentalists, as evidenced by the "No Greater Joy" organization, which endorses corporal punishment, extreme in some cases.

Evidence of this may be found easily with Google or in any newspaper. Item:

Lydia Schatz 'Whipped' to Death on Feb. 6, 2010
I'm going with the old. Sacrifices, wars, genocide, talking snakes. Yeah, hands down, its the most mental. The new testament is just an ancient version of Barney. I love you, you love me.... lets have some fish and wine.
Yeah, but Barney doesn't then spend eternity mauling the children...

I think.




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