I know that the black background was dumped due to many complaints, so I am down with changing it. But a white background makes it hard for some of us.

Is it possible to consider options such as having a blue background for those of use that have a harder time with a white background?

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I have to agree. When you've spent as much time as I have working fulltime in computing, a white background becomes painful to the eyes. Most IT folk are of the the same opinion. If you have to stare at GUIs and shells all day, black is so much gentler. This hurts, especially in a dim room.
It is funny. The exact thing you and Felch have said, people have said about the black background. It would seem that a shaded background would be the solution, but we tried various shades and none seemed to work.

I have been told that there are programs that can be used to invert the colors. Does anybody have a suggestion of one?
I think that the White background is much more attractive and easier to read. Very nice!
I love the new white background. Before I had to take a deep breath and squint my eyes. My vision is a bit bad and I didn't feel that the black background was good when you are on several websites simultaneously (which most have a brighter color background).
I should have posted in the black background thread how much I loved it. I personally found it to be easier on the eyes and setting the background black is usually one of the first things I do when setting up a new editor. Too bad there's not a setting to allow users to set the background according to their own personal preferences.
I would love to have this option if we could. Hopefully in the future we will.
Just one additional comment: you can choose background/font colors to your preferences in firefox under Tools->Options->Content->Colors by picking your text and background color and unchecking the box to allow pages to choose their own colors. I'm sure there's a way to do this in Internet Explorer as well that's easy to look up. I don't do this because pages render oddly when you override the settings and it gets annoying.
Your a genius.

Since I have a mac, the menu had to be navigated differently. So I will say for macs is go to Firebox>preferences then click content, and then click colors.

Of course, this means that I will have to consider some way so that it only can be employed only to sellected websites. I would have to know CSS unless somebody has better ideas.
This looks promising -


I'll dick around with it later and tell you what it can and cant do.
Heh, it can be done, but I'm putting it in the too hard basket for now. It would take a lot of work and I havan't fooled around with css in ages. Any bored css gurus out there ? There is a ning styles section you can upload to -

No, I've found something else -


Adds a black cloud icon to the bottom right firefox toolbar. Click on it to turn on and off. Really simple. Its an experimentall extension, so you need to create a login account for firefox.

Only downside, while its great for reading, you need to turn it off to post as you're typing a black font on a black background. No biggie.

My eyes feel better already.
For some reason I didn't see this before I posted my last reply, even though its timestamp is earlier than mine. This looks excellent--I will try it.




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