I have tried numerous groups, but rarely find them to my liking. Seems like a lot of them have their own hidden agendas. I hope this one is better.

Atheist for 24 years. I belong to CFI-Michigan.

Formerly of the Conservative Holiness persuasion: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conservative_holiness

It's quite an exclusive (exclusionary)...if you aren't perfectly what they wish you to be, you will be coerced into being so, or suffer the consequences, though there was more emotional coercion involved than physical.

I wish to belong to a nontheist community where there is more emphasis on nontheist community than on activism in the outside theist one.

What else ya wanna know?

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There are a lot of agendas on this site, Franklin. Mine is to make new friends, and hopefully friends I can actually socialize with in the flesh. Some people network here for activism in the outside theist world. I think there's room for all of us here.

Welcome aboard, Franklin. You'll enjoy this site, our intentions are pure (far as I can tell). Hey, maybe give us a favorable photo to look at?
Over several years, things in the real world didn't shape up as the church had claimed they should. Certain claims no longer made sense...as they would claim certain actions were done by people who think "so and so" or "such and such" a way...but it was obvious that no person I met was of pure evil. Everyone has honorable intentions for their activities...even most criminals. Many were even serving their god in the process.

Clannishness seems to be quite common among them, but I was a convert...I was not born into that faith. Without the family bond, I think I fell out of favor with them. In the harshest of times, it seemed I was unable to rely on the same kind of help they gave their own blood kin.

The Conservative Holiness groups claim there is a "spirit" who comes to dwell within the human heart, and which burns out all carnality, but it seems that each of them who claimed to have that spirit had a different witness. I know...sounds like gobbledygook. Yeah, from a materialist perspective, it is.

I had a rather tepid reception from them whenever I sought out answers. It would always turn out that they would give answers with the most circular logic imaginable. I think I outgrew that type of theology, I suppose.

That just off the top of my head, but over time I find more good reasons to have left, which at the time I hadn't yet thought of.

Welcome to A|N!

I agree with the other commenters - probably no hidden agenda. Tends to be more "Liberal Unholiness" but there are conservatives too, and libertarians.

Most people just want to share their point of view, learn something new, make virtual friends mostly, pontificate, comisserate, rant (mostly about the religious), and talk about their chickens.

OK, very few people talk about their chickens, but the rest is true.

I hope you'll find A|N worthwhile, express yourself, find some friends. What you want (nontheist community) is why most of the rest of us are here. If you have questions about how things work, how to find interesting topics, what is the purpose of groups, how to start a group, etc, feel free to ask me or any other of the members whose faces you see popping up in the comments.

For the recipes on barbecuing christian babies, you need the special membership. We can't tell you about that yet.


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