I've discovered the comedic talents of "Mitchell and Webb" and "Tim Minchin" recently and was interested in other suggestions for godless or skeptical comedians from our members. Any recommendations?

Thank you in advance.

Here are some of my favorite youtube video clips by same:
That Mitchell and Webb Look: Homeopathic A&E
Godless Comedy from That Mitchell and Webb Look
Godless Comedy from That Mitchell and Webb Look - Abraham and Isaac
Good Samaritan - That Mitchell and Webb Look
Storm by Tim Minchin (with text)
Tim Minchin - If You Open Your Mind Too Much...
Tim Minchin - If I Didn't Have You

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Craig Lynch is the best!! enjoy
Video is over and I'm still laughing. What a Dick. I love that fuckin' Craig.
Wow so far people have listed a bunch of People i need to add to my netflix cuz i have never heard of alot of these mentioned
Don't forget the up-and-coming Jim Jeffries.

Here's the 10 Commandments skit by George Carlin....priceless and eternally funny. Never gets old. (Sorry, the sound and the video don't quite match up but it's still great to listen to!)
How about Mr. Deity and his crew?
Frankly, Mr. Deity and Edward Current are my new twin asterisks when people want me to explain my atheism. I just link 'em to mrdeity.com and Youtube and let them find out for themselves.


My nephew...
I'm a Pat Condell man, although most of what he posts today have little to do with comedy.
Anthony Jeselnick has a few videos out there, one is on Down and Dirty (can't stand Norton, but I've watched Anthony's clip at least a dozen times. He also does a great Dane Cook impression.
Of course there is Kathy Griffith - Suck it Jesus, this award it my God now..
Larry David is Pretty Good too.
In addition to the names already mentioned, I'd add Jimmy Carr, Dave Allen, Billy Connolly, Janeane Garofalo, Patton Oswalt, Doug Stanhope, and Joe Rogan.

George Carlin and Eddie Izzard are my favorite.
Jimmy car had me at "Stationary store moves"




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