thought i'd bring some levity to offset all the negativity.  so for all the hetero men and lesbian women of Atheist Nexus, i offer "Who'd you do?", between these 2 hosts of MSNBC's The Cycle:

S.E. Cupp

Crystal Ball

I'll vote in the comments.

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S. E. Cupp is an embarrassment to atheism.  I'd be pleased NOT to touch her with a ten-meter cattle prod.

As for Crystal, I have NO idea who she is, and at this point in my arc, I'd as soon PASS, thankuverymuch.

agreed about Cupp.  however, if we're strictly talking about sex some things can be ignored :)

my vote, however, goes to Ball.  she's every bit as pretty, if not prettier, and i wouldn't want her to get out of my site as soon as the act is finished. 

I guess I'm weird - 'cuz it's NEVER just about sex to me.  The person matters, who and what they are and a lot of other things that go into the overall context.

In a way, this business reminds me of an old episode of MASH, where Hawkeye has the hots for one particular nurse ... right up to the point where he learns that she is bigoted against the Koreans around them.  As randy as Pierce was known to be, even that early in the series, he turns on a dime in that moment ... and the nurse is turned OUT.

As for me, I care less what they look like than who they are.




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