Who Funded the Ancients Who, in Their Own Times, Made Themselves Famous? Who's Funding Tomorrow's Famous?

We've all read of ancient folk who today, thousands of years after they lived, are known for their art, prose, poetry, histories, science, mathematics and more.

A few were the offspring of rulers who 'liberated' the wealth of those they conquered.
Were they the offspring of wealthy people and free to do what brought them fame?
Did they make themselves wealthy and then do what brought them fame?
Did they market their abilities to wealthy folk who invested in them?

A book I'm reading tells of biologists engaged in a recent funding dispute. The winners in such disputes determine the future. Details in a day or so.

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Good questions, Tom. I'm sure the process has come a long way in a few thousand years.

 I can't answer a question that open ended, but you make a great point. Many of the people of the past that we know of commonly today we're believe it or not little known in their day. We cannot make the mistake of looking into the past through our modern eyes. Many accomplishments of our ancestors were thought little of or even ridiculed in their own time.

 Let's take someone like Martin Luther, or Calvin. They both had a certain amount of fame in their own time but the true significance of their ideas could not be appreciated until today. So it is easy to look back and mistakenly believe that they must have been the most famous people in the world. They were not kings or rulers in their time yet very few kings or rulers have had a greater impact on our times today. So we have actually made them famous in our times by our modern understanding of their significance, something that could never have happened until long after they were deceased.

Compu, when I wrote that OP I was more concerned about the funding than about the fame. Had more people replied, the details I would have added by now would have made that clear.

 Really it does seem God needs lots of money. God is very rich and very famous. Though this not speak to your intent.


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