I am very curious if anyone has done any research in the area who has the greatest potential to become Atheist?

From my experiences, many of my research colleagues  and professors are atheists. I personally believe, atheists tend to like thinking and doubting, just through this way, they became atheists.  I two questions  here,are atheist more introverted or extroverted? are they conservative or more open?


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A rationalist is certainly likely to be an atheist but there are others who are also likely to be atheists. A person frustrated in life is also likely to turn against god. Some people are also likely to renounce god and religion because god and religion restrict their personal freedom.

very understandable.I believe that atheists are most rationalists, but the experiences i have in China told me  that people frustrated in life are likely to resort to God. and i totally agree with  the third point too.

'On ne devient pas athée par souhait' Napoleon Bonaparte

I would think that the person that is most likely to become an atheist is the one who's parents are atheist. 

100% percent agree, religion is more like tradition

Those with an open and enquiring mind.

nice points


especially for those who became atheist later

Some people are probably atheists but claim to be theists when they stand to lose status that is important to them such as politicians, business people, etc.  To my mind these people are hypocrites, liars, and manipulators of the worst kind.  Many extroverts and conservatives come under this classification.

this is true, here many people told me that they are just christians in paper

Colleges and universities, especially in science and math classes. Maybe in high schools too,

Off campus science organizations, such as astronomy clubs.

And maybe in discussion groups in Unitarian churches.




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