I received an email from an Atheist today who said she had never heard about our award-winning movie HEART of the BEHOLDER.

I was actually shocked since we have been promoting it over the 15 years it took to make. It was written, produced, and funded by Freethinkers from around the world.

If you have honestly never heard about our movie, please let me know.

All my best,
Darlene Lieblich
Trailer - http://www.metacafe.com/watch/717769/hotb_bts_01_trailer_for_heart_...

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I honestly never heard of it. But I know now.
Same here..Not till right now.
i heard of it. I saw it on myspace i think. I watched a little, but honestly, i didn't like how it was split up in parts; just too inconvenient. I watched a section or two then had to run. I may try again - thank you.

It's available everywhere and if you are a NetFlix subscriber, it is a free instant viewing on Tivo, X-Box 360 and more.

Any advice on the best way to mass advertsie to Freethinkers?

This is it I take it ?


Have you tried adding it to stumbleupon ? A huge amount of people found this place by stumbling.
Thanks so much FG, I was not aware of StumbleUpon.

Okay, got it > http://www.netflix.com/Movie/Heart_of_the_Beholder/70098313?trkid=2... Will watch it now. ...... I'm glad you came here and mentioned this. I've seen you promoting this in a few places. Good work.
Bloody hell... I had to look at this twice before believing it. The Stumble effect, listed July 08, exploded July 08 -


(its a weird URL - ning mangles it if i try to make it clickable - copy'n'paste it)

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i've never heard of it. but then i am english. could this be where i am going wrong?
This is the first I've heard of it: I'll pass the link on to a few other websites.


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