Honestly, the moment that I read the words "evidence exists" and saw no link to a source whatsoever, I decided that whoever wrote this was delusional:

And, no I haven't even tried to read the whole thing because it's too convoluted and muddy.
I just wonder if anyone knows what this is all about and if there is any truth to these mad rantings ...

If the link doesn't show up in the above text, here it is to c&p:


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Another clue to the what-the-fuckness of this is that the author starts paragraphs with the word "so", which is the kind of conjunction that one can use after a semicolon.

Overall the rambling seems to be an analysis of the difference between the legal character that "is percieved" by "The System" and the real person. Kinda like how Andy Dufresne (pronounced Frenchily) in The Shawshank Redemption made an imaginary person--one of these "straw men" that the author is talking about--while there was no real person.

Overall, there's no usefulness in what he wrote.

Except, perhaps, for the minor attempt throughout at being inspirational--about percieving the legal-related actions attributed and connected to you as not having any reason to affect your emotions--and trying to inspire the reader to be a captain of their legal-entity-ship-self and go pirate and whatever.




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