There are many groups and individuals around the world working hard to get the message out that atheists are decent, caring, moral human beings who can function perfectly fine without the help of religion.
There are individuals making videos on YouTube, people blogging and debating in forums, chats and on twitter. Many different websites devoted to atheism and people writing books and making rounds on the keynote circuits.

The question is, who out of all these people, (in your opinion) is doing a better job at getting the message out there??

More importantly, who is doing a terrible job and even an embarrassment to atheists as a whole???

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I can't really identify any one group or individual, but I will say that sensationalism is what sells. The public eats that stuff up! Unfortunatley that has been the only way for atheists to get any attention from a more diverse audience. I suppose Carl Sagan had a particularly tactful approach. The forerunners in the neo-atheist movement have been rather flippant with believers, but I feel this was needed to get the issue out. Now, it is out there in the various spotlights and we must undo some of the reputation we have garnered as being arrogant, immoral, and self centered. Maybe only time will bridge this gap?
"The forerunners in the neo-atheist movement have been rather flippant with believers, but I feel this was needed to get the issue out."

Yeah, let's face it, Madalyne Murry O'Hair did some good things for atheism but basically she was a PR nightmare!
I think Richard Dawkins has done a lot to promote critical thinking. Ads on buses, summer camps, documentaries, public appearances on major media outlets, etc. using his own money to do it, too. All this and the debating circuit. Meanwhile keeping a level head, calm approachable demeanor, quick wit and fearless determination. I don't think it can be denied that Mr. Dawkins has done and is doing his part in the realm of critical thought.

On the reverse is John Holdren, Science Czar. His controversial past is coming back to haunt us.
Dawkins is great in that he leads the as the preeminent source from the Darwinian and scientific apporach, but as the best voice for atheists my all time hero is Sam Harris. His Letter to a Christian Nation is by far the best most cogent and honest argument about why all religion is not only a waste of human energy, but a source of much of mankind's self inflicted suffering in the form of persecution, war, slavery and bigotry.
Dawkins, Dennett, Harris, Hitchens, Myers, and Shermer all have their strengths and weaknesses. Hitchens can be very brash and comes across as arrogant at times.

QualiaSoup (Youtube) - has some great videos about the problems with faith and Christian logic

Potholer54 (Youtube) - his "Made Easy" series is a great tool for the lay person to understand the Big Bang, how stars/galaxies formed, abiogenesis, and evolution/natural selection.

Thunderf00t - Does an excellent job refuting Creationists, though he could have done more to challenge Comfort in their discussion. I think he missed a good opportunity there.

Eddie Izzard - has some great standup about religion

Ricky Gervais, Joe Rogan, Ellen Degeneres, Lewis Black, Jimmy Carr, David Cross, and others have good standup routines that discuss silly aspects of religion as well.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention George Carlin, Carl Sagan, Douglas Adams, and Dave Allen.
I should add Nonstampcollector, MrsBettyBowers, Edward Current, Pat Condell (like Hitchens, he can be a bit brash and, perhaps, over the top) to the list of Youtube users. The preacher from Landover Baptist has some excellent satire just like Edward Current and Mrs. BettyBowers.

I also thought Jonathan Miller's series "Atheism: A Rough History of Disbelief" was very well done.

I forgot to include Bill Maher in the list of comedians (although he isn't an outright atheist, just anti-religion). His movie "Religulous" is subject to some of the same criticisms as Ben Stein's movie "Expelled" and some of Michael Moore's films, though.
I can't believe I forgot Matt Dillahunty. For those that don't know, he is the host of The Atheist Experience ( ) and president of the Atheist Community of Austin (ACA). He has an in-depth knowledge of the Bible (he actually went to a seminary to become a preacher before becoming an atheist). He also is good at refuting and pointing out fallacies in apologist arguments. I seriously think he could be mentioned alongside people like Dawkins, Hitchens, Harris, and Dennett if he would write a book or two, do some debates, etc., but I understand that he has a career and other personal obligations to take care of.

I also forgot to mention Bart Ehrman (not sure if he's actually an atheist), who is good at arguing about the historical case for Jesus.
".....should add Nonstampcollector, MrsBettyBowers, Edward Current, Pat Condell (like Hitchens, he can be a bit brash and, perhaps, over the top) to the list of Youtube users."

GAWDAMN!! I do like Pat Condell! Yeah, he has a real "in your face" approach but HOLY SCHITT he really stands up and tells it straight!!
I am very happy when I see atheists like Richard Dawkins,Dan Barker and Sam Harris.People like the later Carl Sagan I have great respect for.I like seeing the atheists that are upstanding and moral. There is a guy on youtube that calls himself the "Amazing Atheist".While this guy does bring up some good points every other words is the "F"word and he is very loud.I don't care for this.Then we have some atheists wanting to put 666 at the end of their name.We don't believe in a devil.What is that all about.This will just get Christians hating us more.
I agree about The Amazing Atheist. I think some of his stuff is funny and he occasionally makes a good point, but more often than not, his crude language and outrageous statements detract from any legitimate point he may have.
I very much agree, The Amazing Atheist and Coughlin666 are nothing more then "shock value", leaving very little to anti-theism. In fact, in one of TAA's vids, he complains that he wishes he had chosen a different YouTube name because he doesn't want to talk about atheism as much anymore, 'as if he really did before between all the other ignorance he says'?? LOL. Anyway, the followers of these two seem to be a younger audience of the same type who loved Beavus & butthead, 'kind of fitting I think'.
I have to say that the two of them are my least liked YouTube atheist's.
Laci Green posts some great videos on Utube. Kind like a atheist 101 for those just coming to the "lighter" side of life.


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