There are many groups and individuals around the world working hard to get the message out that atheists are decent, caring, moral human beings who can function perfectly fine without the help of religion.
There are individuals making videos on YouTube, people blogging and debating in forums, chats and on twitter. Many different websites devoted to atheism and people writing books and making rounds on the keynote circuits.

The question is, who out of all these people, (in your opinion) is doing a better job at getting the message out there??

More importantly, who is doing a terrible job and even an embarrassment to atheists as a whole???

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I love Laci's vids, well spoken and to the point. She is by far one of my favorites of the "YouTube Atheist Group". Also besides atheism, she is a great supporter of womens liberation.
Yes, Laci has some great videos as well. I also forgot to mention VoodooSixxx, who I just recently discovered thanks to a shoutout from Agnosticman77.
I find it to be a cumulative effect. The big names are important, but so are sites, like the Nexus for example, and individuals or groups within our communities.
I have been very outspoken in my disbelief and remain polite provided the manners are reciprocated. To me it is like saying I'm caucasian or female, if someone finds this is a reason to treat me rudely or says patently ignorant things about either of those parts of my identity I do not hesitate to redirect or correct them, why should my ability to tell mythology from reality be any different? I've also given speeches for Toastmasters to explain the differences and use Facebook to share.
Local meet-up chapters have also proven a great source of community, support to others, and a place to relax.
Just as being Christian or Muslim does not truly have one type, we do not either. Everyone can be a Jackass at one time or another, the more open more of us are, the more available faces of Atheists there will be.
One of the best youtube atheists is ZOMGitsCriss. She is Romanian but speaks excellent english with a very sexy accent. She's very knowlegable and argues very well.
I love her, especially the video on KiirK. and his updated Origin book.
As far as I'm concerned about the atheists who make YouTube vid's, Laci and ZOMGitsCriss are certainly worth joining their channels.




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