And will I regret asking??

There's no info on her on the internet. My MIL just sent me this link, and I'm thisclose to responding that if you replace "Islam" with any other religion, it would be equally relevant.

Although I know Islam is more violent than most, as it takes its holy book more seriously than most religions, I suppose!

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No doubt this will bite me in the a$$, but I replied with a video of Hitchens debating about the whole graven image thing:

If she doesn't already know who Hitchens is (and if she does, she hates him), she will at least be able to agree with him about radical Islam. And if she actually watches the video (another big IF), she will have to acknowledge that faith in general is kinda nutty.

That's a great reply to any fundie anything.

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I looked up Ozzie for you on his blog spot. I agree with your opinion here, but the woman responding to the American Muslim did a very good job. She's right and should be commended. As for your MIL she is trying to get you to see this and agree, making it look like the Republicans have the right direction and the right religion. Their direction is greatly flawed and religion should be a part of none of this. You are right when you say faith in general is kinda nutty.



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