Who is This O'Donnell Woman and Why Didn't She Stay Witchy?

When I dabbled in the Craft, it was a feminine religion of Moon worship and holidays pegged to very old natural events, events that were perhaps more pronounced than they are today. The witches believe in "instant" karma in their Threefold Law: Do harm to others, it will come back three times worse to you," as well as the liberating slogan, "An' it harm none, do as you will." (Yes, I am aware that this is the Thelemic premise as well, so mote it be! Crowley said that atheists had their own ontology and system of correspondences, adding that the atheist world view was less likely to lead people into trouble.) I met nice witches and dictatorial ones, but I never had better sex than with a witch of my acquaintance. I learned the tantric sexual position known as "Lizard Lapping." Witches are fine, it's the Catholics and evangelical Christers who frighten me.

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I think it's Christy O'Donnell you refer to. She has the intellect of a plate of white rice. I am constantly astounded at the dreary qualifications of people that achieve public office - little wonder the country is circling the drain.
I must have been thinking of a Happy Meal.
It refers to using the nose to stimulate the clitoris as you deep tongue the vagina. Drives some ladies wild. Alas, I am too old to engage in such things nowadays.
It didn't have a name until I wrote a wicked book titled "Liber LXVIX vel Pan-Priapus: Sexual Magick in Theory and Practice." It's "out of print" (actually xerographically reproduced but very well illustrated). It sold for fifty bucks, more if autogaphed. Considering the time I put into it, it lost money. That sort of thing only appeals to a small segment of the population.
I'm not much for practice, but theory is always entertaining. I actually have a book somewhere of the History of Sex Magick.
I still think the tongue/finger combination is better for that.
Calling O'Donnell a witch is an insult to witches.
Actually she was the one claiming to be a witch.
I wonder how well her "witchy woman ways" will go over with the "don't suffer a witch to live" crowd. I really can't wait to hear the spin her fundy followers put on the issue.
Maybe she's Glenda, the good witch of the North and maybe I'm a horse of a different color.
Maybe we're all secret Munchkins.
Not a secret with me. I am a munchkin :)
I represent the Lollipop Guild ... REALLY!!!
Most witches do a good enough job of insulting themselves.
This is my favorite atheist video about new age/witchcraft/etc. It points out the differences (good and bad) between Christianity and "alternative" religions. It's been difficult to find a critical view of witchcraft coming from anyone other than Christians.




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