Who is This O'Donnell Woman and Why Didn't She Stay Witchy?

When I dabbled in the Craft, it was a feminine religion of Moon worship and holidays pegged to very old natural events, events that were perhaps more pronounced than they are today. The witches believe in "instant" karma in their Threefold Law: Do harm to others, it will come back three times worse to you," as well as the liberating slogan, "An' it harm none, do as you will." (Yes, I am aware that this is the Thelemic premise as well, so mote it be! Crowley said that atheists had their own ontology and system of correspondences, adding that the atheist world view was less likely to lead people into trouble.) I met nice witches and dictatorial ones, but I never had better sex than with a witch of my acquaintance. I learned the tantric sexual position known as "Lizard Lapping." Witches are fine, it's the Catholics and evangelical Christers who frighten me.

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Heh. I believe in fucking witches, as long as they are good at it.
Yeah a lot of people picked up on the "fucking witches" thing!

I was under the impression that some Wiccans' claims of sexual prowess were about the same as their claims of magickal powers.
Christine O'Donnell - gotta love her. Everyday it's something new with her. I especially enjoyed her rants against masterbation. Then there was shopping and paying her rent with her campaign funds. And of course, her jaunt into witchcraft. She never fails to entertain. I especially like the fact the old Republican guard her hates her more than Democrats do. I have no doubt whomever the Democratic contender is, he or she has an excellent chance of getting elected.

The IQ of a bowl of white rice? I would say that is a generous estimation.
Rice is well documented as the stupidest grain.
Eh, all this crazy crap that's coming to light will be ignored and downplayed, even if the dems refused to shut up about it. Now, ifn this was a democrat, none of what she said would be ignored or downplayed, even if the dems used the tactics she is using now. *SPINES: GROW THEM*

Secondary comment: does she still hate jerkin' the gherkin, sex without procreation and the gays? Sounds like she's the "no-fun" candidate.
O'Donnell is clearly a sycophant that drifts from fantasy to fantasy in search of "meaning; the teaparty is nothing more than a new "meaningful" step in her stupid quest for meaning in her life. Emotionally. She is still in high school. Intellectually - grade school.
$ possible DUI? bad trip? family disownership? errr' TV? Race probably really big deal too.
I think stupidity covers the bulk of her pronouncements.....sort of an aggressive ignorance...dumb on steroids.


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